25 things you might not know about Melissa!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 models! Thank you to Melissa for sharing “25 things you might not know about me.”

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1. I am obsessed with high heels. I am constantly at bakers buying new ones!

2. The first thing I notice is white-teeth. I’m not quite sure why.

3. I’m going to the University of Arizona in December! I can’t wait!

4. I love tanning. However, I never seem to really ever get even the slightest bit tan

5. I love to let my stylist dye my hair different colors and I love drastically different changes.

6. I’m an avid golfer and I find golf peaceful yet stressful due to the nature of the competition.

7. I work at the Limited Too/Justice. Sometimes all the little girls and the clothes they throw around drive my absolutely crazy. But I love it there!

8. I’m really into dance. I dance at Accent on Dance in the company program and love it!

9. I adore ballet; I especially love the tutus you get to wear!

10. I’ve always been an inner perfectionist and I get really frustrated when things aren’t absolutely perfect. It’s exhausting.

11. I love the art of photography and the excitement I get when you have the perfect picture.

12. I love dressing up, maybe a bit too much. I also hate wearing t-shirts. I don’t know why though.

13. I go to Brookfield Central High School.
14. I love traveling and just laying on the beach.
15. My brother loves to blare music and it drive me insane

16. I’ve always wanted a convertible and now that I finally have one I really want to know how to keep my hair going back. (A trick with the windows maybe? I have no idea.)

17. I love pink nail polish.

18. I don’t like pets. But I begged my mom for a toy shiatsu and she drives me crazy now. I believe it can jump higher than I can. Sad

19. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. But, I’ve accepted some things won’t happen

20. I’m a terrible runner.

21. I am soon to be a certified lifeguard. Yaya for a new summer job.

22. I really want to be in a sorority when I go to college.

23. I love white dresses or any long dress for that matter.

24. I love Jesus!

25. I am a down-hill ski racer at Central.

25 things you might not know about Hannah!

We love our Shoot the Moon Photography Models! A special thanks to Hannah for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

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1. I’m extremely sporty. I play competitive fastpitch softball and hope to play in college

2. My lucky number is #4

3. My favorite TV shows are Psych and Survivor

4. The Hunger Games trilogy is my favorite book series

5. When I’m older, I want to work in the medical field

6. My favorite song is Love Story by Taylor Swift

7. I like reading Shakespeare, especially Romeo and Juliet

8. I love action and romantic comedy movies

9. I’m a Jesus freak

10. I’m a certified scuba diver

11. Traveling anywhere is extremely fun for me

12. My brother Michael is adopted

13. My favorite movies when I was young were the Little Mermaid and the Prince of Egypt

14. Zac Efron is my celebrity crush

15. I love the color blue…in any shade

16. I absolutely hate math but love psych

17 My prom is at the zoo (in a ballroom)…and I’m super excited for it

18. My dream is to tour Europe

19. I play golf and compete in forensics

20. I listen to music all the the time, and I wish I could play guitar

21. I’ve moved to a different house 7 times

22. Rollercoasters are awesome…the faster, the better

23. I go to Germantown High School

24. I love seeing movies and eating movie theater popcorn

25. I volunteer at Children’s Hospital

25 things you might not know about Valerie!

A special thanks to Valerie for being as awesome class of 2011 model! She let us in on her life by sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

1.I love singing, its pretty much my life!

2. Photography is also my life!
3. I want to go to college for photography and to be a party planner.

4. I have 6 members in my family.

5. I have 4 nephew and nieces and one on the way.
6.My best friends name is Alyssa.
7. My favorite kind of food is all types fruit.
10. I hate sea food.
11.I’m Hispanic.

12.About 95% of my family lives in Texas.
13.Just last year one of my best friends moved to Texas.
14. The summer of 2009 i had my Quiencenera, it is one of the amazing moments in my life.

15.I’m really excited to do model for you guys!
16.I’ve been to Canada, its very pretty there!
17. One of my favorite shows is ” The secret life of a american teenager”
18.I love summer!
19. My favorite store is probably Rue 21.
20. I was a cheerleader this year.
21. I tore my ankle ligament by tripping over weights in gym class.
22.I love hot sauce, its delicious!
23.My friends are my world!
24. I’m probably the most fattest person inside, but i can never gain the weight aha.
25. One of my favorite singers was Selena, but she passed away about 15 years ago.

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25 things you might not know about Haley!

We love our class of 2011 senior models! Thanks to Haley for sharing “25 things you might not know about me.” Would you like to be a Shoot the Moon model? Apply www.stmphoto.com/models

1. Music pretty much defines me, I listen to music at pretty much every moment I can

2. I’m slightly addicted to Pink Floyd, but my favorite song has been Sweet Child O’ Mine since I was probably 9 or 10.

3. Ever since my social studies project in 8th grade I have always wanted to go to Brazil.

4. If I could live anywhere it would be in Kentucky on this lake called Lake Cumberland, that place is absolutely amazing

5. I like to draw random pictures and color.

6. I used to always say I was going to be a doctor when I got older, but now I’m thinking of something to do with engineering.

7. I love to bake, especially cookies :]

8. When I’m driving I like to sing to loud music… haha but only if I’m alone.

9. During the summer I can pretty much say I live on water. I love boating with my family.

10. LOST is one of the greatest shows ever created. Hands down.

11. Mountain Peaks are my weakness. It’s a dessert we sell at work thats chocolate mousse on top of chocolate cake coated in a layer of hard chocolate.

12. I like to run, it’s relaxing.

13. Before I die, I’m going skydiving.

14. I could spend a year at Six Flags or Disney. I absolutely love roller coasters.

15. I like solving puzzles.

16. Photography is extremely fun. I love taking pictures.

17. I reallyyy want to learn how to play the guitar.

18. Winters awesome through January, then all the snow can go away and it needs to be warm.

19. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.

20. I love the colors teal, lime green and blue. You could probably find every possible shade of blue in my room.

21. My favorite number is 17. Don’t ask me why… I have no idea.

22. I have never left the country, although things are changing this summer. I get to go to Europe :]

23. Although I can’t go very much, camping is one of my favorite things to do. I love being outdoors.

24. My favorite animals probably a penguin.

25. When I was little, I was in love with the Little Mermaid. I always wished I could live under the sea.

25 things you might not know about Caitlin!

We love getting to know our class of 2011 models! A special thanks to our amazing model Caitlin for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

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1. I run cross country and track

2. I get injured very easily

3. I want to major in psychology or sociology in college

4. My first choice for college is UW Lacrosse

5. I have a 27 year old sister named Karri. My sister, Maggie, and my brother, Keegan died from a rare disease called Sanfilippo syndrome

6. My favorite colors are green and blue

7. I love to tie-dye

8. I have naturally curly hair

9. I was born in Columbus, Ohio

10. My boyfriend, Eric, and I have been dating for a little over a year

11. My favorite animal is a dolphin

12. I have a cat named Thomas

13. I go to Homestead High School

14. I am going to Europe this summer (2010)

15. I have so many aunts, uncles, and cousins that I don’t even know them all

16. I love a lot of different types of music

17. I love movies. My favorite is Forrest Gump

18. I love Disney

19. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor

20. My birthday is 3 days after Christmas and 3 days before New Years (12/28)

21. I love camping

22. I played soccer for 6 years, basketball and volleyball for 4 years

23. I hate math

24. My favorite TV shows are The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, The Soup, and That 70’s Show

25. My nose twitched when I blink

25 things you might not know about Keri!

Thank you Keri for sharing your “25 things you might not know about me” with Shoot the Moon fans!

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1. I’m a music nut. I listen to everything. I have playlists that go from AC/DC to Jordin Sparks to Ludovico Einaudi

2. I have 2 dogs- Casey and Piper. I love them both more than anything.

3. Jimi Hendrix is incredible. Modern day guitarists pale in comparison.

4. I can’t read sheet music. I figure everything out by ear, and if I can’t, someone has to show me how to play it.

5. Two summers ago, I went on an Outward Bound backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. It’s safe to say that was the best experience of my life.

6. For the most part, I’m not a picky eater, but there are two foods I absolutely cannot stand: bananas and mashed potatoes.

7. I could sit and play guitar for hours with no problem. I also play drums and piano.

8. I have a mind that goes several miles a minute. People call me random, but I prefer the term “creative.”

9. I hate shoes. I’m barefoot as much as possible. I can even walk through snow with no problem.

10. I’m a firm believer in personal expression. Anyone who feels the need to force their opinions upon someone will not get along with me.

11. I work at a restaurant called Ferrante’s. I’ve worked there for a little over a year and a half.

12. I have two siblings. My brother, Michael, is 18 and an avid hockey and lacrosse player. My little sister, Kathleen, is 12 and she’s been skiing and kicking a soccer ball around for almost her whole life.

13. My favorite food in the whole wide world is taco dip.

14. My goals for this summer: 1. Learn how to wakeboard, 2. Actually USE my 6 Flags season pass, and 3. Get tan.

15. I love hockey, although I don’t actually play it. Unfortunately, my parents decided that one hockey player in the family was enough.

16. On another hockey note, I despise Sidney Crosby.

17. My biggest pet peeve is when people mix up “your” and “you’re,” and also “their”, “there”, and “they’re.”

18. I love to color. My friend got me a little kids’ coloring book for Christmas. I carry it around with me in my backpack :]

19. This summer, I’m going to Costa Rica through the ecoteach program with my favorite teacher and a few friends. So excited!!

20. I’m determined to teach myself how to play the violin.

21. I wanted to play the bagpipes when I was younger. Thank you, Mom, for not giving in.

22. The phrases I say the most are “wait, time out” and “it’s all good.”

23. One time, I had a goldfish. I won it at Lionsfest. It died the first night I got it. RIP Shamrock.

24. When I was four years old I had three infatuations: 1. 101 Dalmations (I actually HAD 101), 2. Long Johns (the doughnuts, not the underwear), and 3. My husband, Danny.

25. School has never really been my favorite thing, but I’m definitely a science geek.

25 things you might not know about Amanda!

We love our Shoot the Moon Photography models! Meet Amanda!

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1. I hate socks – I think they’re disgusting !

2. At heart I’m a huge gamer girl.

3. I can’t seem to pull off the side-swept bang look no matter how hard I try

4. I LOVE the color teal, and any shades that are based off of it.

5. I do not want kids…ever.

6. I’m a first generation American – all my other relatives were born in Poland.

7. I travel to Europe at least once a year.

8. Muse is my absolute favorite band ever – you will not find a bigger fan of them than I am !

9. I’ve broken my foot from playing frisbee.

10. During track & field season I can eat 2 1/2 Big Macs..yumm!!

11. I’m a big tomboy but I look like I’d be extremely girly…

12. I LOVE arguing & debating.

13. I really don’t get how people can sit up straight for long periods of time – it’s so hard !

14. Sexual innuendos are my specialty.

15. Yoshi is my favorite Nintendo character – seriously, what more could you want other than a cuddly green dinosaur??!

16. I cannot wait until I move out of my parent’s house so I can finally get a legit pet….not some lame fishtank.

17. Speaking of fish, my Angelfish ate all of the other fish in my tank. Scary!

18. The Count of Monte Cristo is, hands down, the best book ever.

19. Every time I go to the Cheesecake Factory, I always get the chicken salad sandwich. It’s sooo good !

20. As a child I was extremely adventurous, sneaky, and would constantly make an experiment out of anything.

21. I really want to be a graphic designer or game artist when I grow up.

22. I think I can safely say that my nephew and future niece are the only kids I’ll ever like.

23. Favorite desert is plain cheesecake – sooo yummy !!!

24. I really don’t understand the craze with Farmville.

25. The number 25 used to be my favorite number because that was Pikachu’s number in pokemon !

25 things you might not know about Gina!

Our beautiful model Gina shared 25 things we might not know about her, take a look!

Do you want to be a Shoot the Moon model? Apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

1. I’ve never broken a bone, despite the fact that I bruise quite easily.

2. I’m a really big neat freak, especially when it comes to my room.

3. I’ll eat anything except plain tomatoes. I’ll eat tomato soup, ketchup, whatever- i just don’t like plain tomatoes.

4. I know it’s weird but I hate when things touch the front of my neck. I can’t wear any turtlenecks, tight necklaces, most sweatshirts, and I cut all of my t-shirts that aren’t v-necks.

5. For my whole life I’ve wanted to become a surgeon.

6. I love to dance and have been dancing for 15 years.

7. I make notecards and overstudy for almost every quiz and test.

8. I’m not a big fan of shopping unless it is for dresses or swim suits.

9. My biggest fear of the ocean is the undertow.

10. Technology hates me, or maybe I’m just extremely slow when it comes to computers and stuff. I don’t know how to use itunes, how to burn a cd, and it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to turn off my ipod.

11. I love doing hair and end up being hair dresser for my friends for several occasion

12. My favorite food is chocolate. Any kind will do.

13. I can fall asleep faster in the car than I can in my own bed

14. I watch every rerun of Friends that’s on tv even though I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times.

15. I’m not obsessed with “going green” but I really hate wasting paper.

16. I love dressing up for holidays, even the ones I don’t celebrate. I deck out in all green on St. Patrick’s day even though I am 0% Irish, and I bring out the christmas gear on the 25th even though I’m jewish.

17. I’m really good at rhyming. I don’t know why, it just comes to me.

18. I was bald until I was two.

19. I took taekwondo for 2 weeks, at which time my mom told me I had to choose between that and dance.

20. When I was in 3rd grade my sister and I got a hamster and named it Doodledandy Karina Phillips (doodles for short).

21. I love cards and board games.

22. I get really competitive when playing any kind of racket sport.

23. I had buck teeth and a haircut as short as my ears in 1st grade. This started my 6 year awkward stage.

24. I always have to get in and get out of my bed on the same side.

25. I love smiling and when someone tells me not to smile I find it very difficult to keep a straight face. Consequently, you will find that, against the rules, I am smiling on both my license and my passport.

25 things you might not know about Lauren!

We love getting to know our class of 2011 models! We asked our models to indulge us by revealing 25 things we might not know about them.

Would you like to be a class of 2011 model? Apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

1. My hands are always cold, and tend to turn purple

2.I’m really bad at backing out of parking spots.

3.My favorite color is purple.

4.I couldn’t live without chocolate.

5.Sleep is one of my favorite things.

6.I am very clumsy.

7.I have never changed my hair color.

8.I am really bad at answering my phone when people call.

9.When it comes to clothes and accessories, I love Lucky Brand anything.

10.I love when going to bed in warm sheets that just came out of the dryer.

11.I want to get a golden retriever and name it Charlie.

12.I spontaneously decided to buy a guitar one day, and now I don’t know what i would do without it.

13.I was obsessed with Harry Potter when I was younger.

14.I cry at movies all the time.

15. My favorite place in the world is Traverse City, Michigan.

16.I read my horoscope everyday.

17.One of my favorite memories is sitting on the beach eating pizza with my best friend as we watched the sun set after a day of playing in the lake.

18. I love to go swimming in the lake at night when all you can see is the stars above you and the black of the water around you.

19.I’m good at remembering birthdays.

20. Cake batter ice cream from cold stone can always make me happy.

21.My favorite thing from McDonals is a shamrock shake. I think they should have them all year.

22.I have played tennis since I was four.

23.I am extremely ticklish and I hate being tickled.

24. My boss calls me a “crabby princess” because of the faces I make.

25.I can not stand the sound of cracking knuckles.

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