25 things you might not know about Melissa!

Posted on March 30, 2010 by Melissa

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 models! Thank you to Melissa for sharing “25 things you might not know about me.”

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1. I am obsessed with high heels. I am constantly at bakers buying new ones!

2. The first thing I notice is white-teeth. I’m not quite sure why.

3. I’m going to the University of Arizona in December! I can’t wait!

4. I love tanning. However, I never seem to really ever get even the slightest bit tan

5. I love to let my stylist dye my hair different colors and I love drastically different changes.

6. I’m an avid golfer and I find golf peaceful yet stressful due to the nature of the competition.

7. I work at the Limited Too/Justice. Sometimes all the little girls and the clothes they throw around drive my absolutely crazy. But I love it there!

8. I’m really into dance. I dance at Accent on Dance in the company program and love it!

9. I adore ballet; I especially love the tutus you get to wear!

10. I’ve always been an inner perfectionist and I get really frustrated when things aren’t absolutely perfect. It’s exhausting.

11. I love the art of photography and the excitement I get when you have the perfect picture.

12. I love dressing up, maybe a bit too much. I also hate wearing t-shirts. I don’t know why though.

13. I go to Brookfield Central High School.
14. I love traveling and just laying on the beach.
15. My brother loves to blare music and it drive me insane

16. I’ve always wanted a convertible and now that I finally have one I really want to know how to keep my hair going back. (A trick with the windows maybe? I have no idea.)

17. I love pink nail polish.

18. I don’t like pets. But I begged my mom for a toy shiatsu and she drives me crazy now. I believe it can jump higher than I can. Sad

19. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. But, I’ve accepted some things won’t happen

20. I’m a terrible runner.

21. I am soon to be a certified lifeguard. Yaya for a new summer job.

22. I really want to be in a sorority when I go to college.

23. I love white dresses or any long dress for that matter.

24. I love Jesus!

25. I am a down-hill ski racer at Central.

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