25 things you might not know about Lauren!

Posted on March 9, 2010 by Melissa

We love getting to know our class of 2011 models! We asked our models to indulge us by revealing 25 things we might not know about them.

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1. My hands are always cold, and tend to turn purple

2.I’m really bad at backing out of parking spots.

3.My favorite color is purple.

4.I couldn’t live without chocolate.

5.Sleep is one of my favorite things.

6.I am very clumsy.

7.I have never changed my hair color.

8.I am really bad at answering my phone when people call.

9.When it comes to clothes and accessories, I love Lucky Brand anything.

10.I love when going to bed in warm sheets that just came out of the dryer.

11.I want to get a golden retriever and name it Charlie.

12.I spontaneously decided to buy a guitar one day, and now I don’t know what i would do without it.

13.I was obsessed with Harry Potter when I was younger.

14.I cry at movies all the time.

15. My favorite place in the world is Traverse City, Michigan.

16.I read my horoscope everyday.

17.One of my favorite memories is sitting on the beach eating pizza with my best friend as we watched the sun set after a day of playing in the lake.

18. I love to go swimming in the lake at night when all you can see is the stars above you and the black of the water around you.

19.I’m good at remembering birthdays.

20. Cake batter ice cream from cold stone can always make me happy.

21.My favorite thing from McDonals is a shamrock shake. I think they should have them all year.

22.I have played tennis since I was four.

23.I am extremely ticklish and I hate being tickled.

24. My boss calls me a “crabby princess” because of the faces I make.

25.I can not stand the sound of cracking knuckles.

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