25 things you might not know about Amanda!

Posted on March 10, 2010 by Melissa

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1. I hate socks – I think they’re disgusting !

2. At heart I’m a huge gamer girl.

3. I can’t seem to pull off the side-swept bang look no matter how hard I try

4. I LOVE the color teal, and any shades that are based off of it.

5. I do not want kids…ever.

6. I’m a first generation American – all my other relatives were born in Poland.

7. I travel to Europe at least once a year.

8. Muse is my absolute favorite band ever – you will not find a bigger fan of them than I am !

9. I’ve broken my foot from playing frisbee.

10. During track & field season I can eat 2 1/2 Big Macs..yumm!!

11. I’m a big tomboy but I look like I’d be extremely girly…

12. I LOVE arguing & debating.

13. I really don’t get how people can sit up straight for long periods of time – it’s so hard !

14. Sexual innuendos are my specialty.

15. Yoshi is my favorite Nintendo character – seriously, what more could you want other than a cuddly green dinosaur??!

16. I cannot wait until I move out of my parent’s house so I can finally get a legit pet….not some lame fishtank.

17. Speaking of fish, my Angelfish ate all of the other fish in my tank. Scary!

18. The Count of Monte Cristo is, hands down, the best book ever.

19. Every time I go to the Cheesecake Factory, I always get the chicken salad sandwich. It’s sooo good !

20. As a child I was extremely adventurous, sneaky, and would constantly make an experiment out of anything.

21. I really want to be a graphic designer or game artist when I grow up.

22. I think I can safely say that my nephew and future niece are the only kids I’ll ever like.

23. Favorite desert is plain cheesecake – sooo yummy !!!

24. I really don’t understand the craze with Farmville.

25. The number 25 used to be my favorite number because that was Pikachu’s number in pokemon !

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