25 things you might not know about Caitlyn!

We love getting to know our class of 2011 senior models!

Please apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

1. I play Lacrosse
2. i live on a farm and i love it!
3. i have a pet duck named greg:)
4. i have played the flute since 5th grade
5.i love taking pictures
6.i like trying and making people laugh
7. i am very talkive
8.i love coloring pictures for people
9. a lot of people tell me how jealous they are of my natural curly hair
10.i like reading for fun
11. i hate wearing shoes.. barefoot is the way to go:)
12.i have four siblings
13. i have been to only four states in the u.s
14.my lucky number if 14:)
15.i want to travel europe
16.summer is my favorite time of the year
17. want to go skydiving
18. I am extrememly gullible.
19.my favorite book it is “A Bend In The Road”
http://www.facebook.com/l/16451;20.my favorite color in red
21.i love wearing jeans
22.in college i want to major in Animals sciences
23.i want to learn how to play the guitar
24.i talk way to much
25. i clean when i get really bored

25 things you might not know about Kaitlin!

Thank you Kaitlin for sharing “25 things you might now know about me.”

Kaitlin is our awesome Class of 2011 Model. Please visit www.stmphoto.com/models if you would like to apply.

one: my middle name is kilroy. i’m not joking.

two: i’m a technology junkie and an internet addict.

three: like every other teenager on the planet, i’m a little bit in love with music. i like jammin’ to ke$ha, the
white stripes, vampire weekend, spoon, flight of the conchords, cobra starship, ect, ect.

four: my def totes sup gorg biff and i have our own abbrev langz. translation: my definitely super gorgeous best friend and i have our own abbreviated language.

five: field hockey is life.

six: my favorite store is urban outfitters. i wish my closet was that store.

seven: i often go on goodwill raids will my friends which include the purchasing of large amounts of flannel and crew neck sweatshirts.

eight: a lot of my friends think i’m crabby when i text or facebook message with them. fyi, i’m not. i just don’t like smiley faces and excessive exclamation marks.

nine: i go to dsha and wear a plaid skirt to school everyday.

ten: i love sunglasses and water bottles. they’re so pretty and practical.

eleven: if you haven’t noticed yet, i like using punctuation and dislike capitalization, UNLESS I’M REALLY EXCITED.

twelve: i live off of passion ice tea lemonades and white chocolate mochas from starbucks.

thirteen: i don’t get tan, i just get freckles.

fourteen: i carry a tube of glitter in my pencil case.

fifteen: my passion is dancing. not ballet or jazz, but going crazy to a beat that speaks to my heart.

sixteen: i’m captain sarcastic.

seventeen: i have every single line from napoleon dynamite memorized.

eighteen: i speak franglish, a blend of english and french. ex: j’adore modeling avec shoot the moon.

nineteen: i could use my keys to beat somebody up. i have 457098137049573 keychains.

twenty: if i were a planet, i’d be pluto. tiny and rebellious.

twenty one: the extent of my musical talent is playing the kazoo.

twenty two: when i grow up, i want to live in san fan, drive an old school mustang, and adopt a foreign baby.

twenty three: peacock feathers match everything.

twenty four: shout out to elissa hornick, marie mejaki, bret james bischoff, and tyler vavrik.

twenty five: when i turn eighteen, i’m going to get a mustache tattoo on my right index finger.

Pregnant Mamas and Brand-new Newborn Models needed

Shoot the Moon Photography is hosting a workshop at their Mequon studio with photographers from around the midwest, including Ana Brandt from California. We need models!

We are looking for Pregnant Women who are 7-9 months pregnant on Friday, May 7th. We need one model at 11:15am and a 2nd at 3:30pm.

We also need newborns on Saturday May 8th. We will need one newborn at 11am, and 2nd newborn at 3pm. Newborns must be between 5-21 days old and/or between 6-8 lbs.

Models will receive a complimentary session and it will be a lot of fun! You are welcome to bring along partners and other children, but this class focuses on newborn and maternity and there will be about 15 people working with you, so please keep that in mind with small children who may be overwhelmed.

Please email: joy@stmphoto.com with the following information:




Due Date (maternity) or Date of Birth (newborn)

Will you be bringing other children or partners? If so, please list names (and ages of children)

How did you hear about the modeling program?

Do you know anyone who has been photographed at Shoot the Moon? Who?

Anything else we should know?

Please email joy@stmphoto.com for info or questions or to apply for our modeling spots.

This one goes out to the little guys...

Hey Everyone! In my nighttime ponderings (yes, 9:45pm is late-night for me after a busy day of shoots and consults at the Moon) I’ve realized that lately we’ve been blogging- almost exclusively-our Class of 2011 Senior Models! While we loooove our models (tis the season) and can’t wait to shoot many more of them in the upcoming weeks, I can’t help but feel we’re neglecting the little guys! Seniors may take the stage as we’re in full swing posting their images to share, but we have just as many adorable mini-models coming through the doors at both our Mequon and Delafield photography studios. Springtime has brought in a fun batch of families, babies, and kids and we’ve been enjoying seeing you all. Below are a few images from one of my favorite recent sessions. These two were a photographer’s dream…so well behaved and extremely cute, working with them made my day. Keep coming back to look at more fun sessions…I promise we’ll try to keep up!!!!

Also, just a reminder that Mother’s and Father’s Day are quickly approaching!!! Consider buying a gift-card for mom or booking a session for surprise images for dad- photographs, Wall Art, Desktops, and Custom Coffee Table Books are all amazing keepsakes that you can both show off and enjoy yourself. Call 262-240-9848 to purchase a gift-card or session today!!!

25 things you might not know about Shannon!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Models! Thank you Shannon for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

Would you like to be a Class of 2011 Model? Apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

  • Tennis is my one and only favorite sport
  • I love dogs….my own is very old and very cute
  • My favorite band is Paramore
  • I absolutely love to paint
  • I’m a skier and a snowboarder
  • My favorite color is blue, in fact my room is almost completely blue
  • My favorite TV show is probably psych
  • I am an awful runner; I always tend to trip myself some how.
  • I have never played basketball, because I have troubles making a basket.
  • I used to play soccer, I was the goalie
  • I have played the violin for 6 years, and am currently in the school orchestra
  • I love to play the piano, even if mine at home is really out of tune.
  • my lucky number is 3
  • my favorite month is March
  • My favorite season is fall, I just love all the warm colors of fall
  • I want to go to college and be a major in English and International Relations.
  • I absolutely love buckle, I always buy my jeans from there
  • My favorite place in Chicago is Chinatown
  • I love Asian cultures and decorations; I have 3 paper lanterns in my room!!!
  • I love all sweets
  • I’m going on an England and France trip this summer and I can’t wait!!!!
  • I really don’t like math, and I love English
  • I have two younger siblings
  • My friends are really important to me.
  • I’m a huge brewer fan. GO BREWERS!!!!!
  • 25 things you might not know about Kallie!

    A special thanks to Kallie for sending us “25 things you might not know about me”

    Would you like to be a Class of 2011 Model for Shoot the Moon Photography? Please apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

    1. I am always listening to music and I am always going to concerts.
    2. My favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye.
    3. I want a pet stingray.
    4. I love cupcakes…a lot. =]
    5. My favorite subject in school is math.
    6. My favorite movie is Public Enemies.
    7. I refuse to use iTunes, I only buy cds.
    8. I have a fear of ladybugs and horses.
    9. I love gummy candy, especially gummy penguins!
    10. I love experimenting with makeup, especially on other people.
    11. I only wear skinny jeans! I won’t wear any other type of pants.
    12. Arnold Palmer’s are my favorite drink.
    13. My favorite animal is a penguin.
    14. My favorite color is green.
    15. I like making all different kinds of bracelets for my friends and for people in bands.
    16. I play guitar.
    17. I remember almost everything that people say or things that happen.
    18. I have really good friends that live all over the United States.
    19. I have won over 15 different radio contests in a span of two years.
    20. My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.
    21. I played soccer for 9 years.
    22. I overanalyze everything.
    23. I had a 5 cent goldfish named Peek – A – Boo for 11.5 years.
    24. I love Hello Kitty.
    25. I don’t watch tv.

    25 things you might not know about Camille!

    We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Senior Models! A special thanks to Camille for giving us “25 things you might not know about me”

    Would you like to be a Class of 2011 Senior Model? Please apply at www.stmphoto.com/seniors

    1. I LOVE FIELD HOCKEY! Not only am I captain of our Varsity team, I also play on 2 club teams in Chicago, and I play through the Futures Program in Wisconsin which is how players make the National Team.

    2. I used to live in Riverside, California and every summer I get to live in LA with my dad

    3. I’m going to Costa Rica this summer for a leadership program.

    4. Besides field hockey, I also play basketball and have been running on the Varsity Track & Field team since freshmen year. I am also captain of Track & Field.

    5. I want to be an international or an entertainment attorney when I graduate from college.

    6. Favorite ice cream: chocolate ice cream with fresh, soft, hot brownies underneath, chocolate fudge drizzled over everything, with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

    7. I love to travel. I’ve been to almost all the states and outside of the US I’ve travelled to many places including Africa, Europe, Spain, the Bahamas, and Mexico

    8. I speak amazing Spanish, compliments of classes since kindergarten and Spanish Honors Society.

    9. If I could go to one place in the world, I would go to Australia.

    10. I have a little sister who, at the rate she is learning, will probably be on the USA Olympic Team one day.

    11. I love learning. I’ve always had an intellectual curiosity in the classroom.

    12. My mom played volleyball at USC and my dad went to the Olympic trials for the Men’s 300 Hurdles.

    13. I organized a peace conference with over 500+ in attendance featuring Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson.

    14. I am a member of Top Teens of America, a national community service organization.

    15. I won an essay contest over Spring Break in which I wrote about the alarming statistics of HIV and the ways in which we can ameliorate the virus.

    16. I did gymnastics for 10 years and I used to be a cheerleader, before I found my true love: field hockey.

    17. Through Global Youth Leadership Institute (GYLI) I learned a lot about cooperation at the Amistad out East and also about myself as a leader in New Mexico at the Lama Foundation.

    18. I was a State Finalist in the Poetry Out Loud Contest at the Capitol Building in Madison.

    19. I have two favorite poems: “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes and “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou.

    20. I’m known for taking ridiculously organized color-coded notes in school.

    21. Prom is next Saturday

    22. My favorite books are “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl that Played with Fire”, and “The Girl that Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”. They are all great reads and I would highly recommend them!

    23. I’ve never seen Alice in Wonderland (the old or new version) and I don’t plan to.

    24. My favorite quote is “if it is to be, it is up to me”.

    25. I’m blessed.

    25 things you might not know about Magi!

    Thank you to Magi for submitting “25 things you might not know about me.” Make sure to check out number 26 🙂

    Would you like to be a Class of 2011 Shoot the Moon Model? Apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

    1. I’m Bulgarian; I was born there and I lived there for 5 years until I moved to Milwaukee. I go back almost every summer to visit my friends and family

    2. Chocolate fixes everything.
    3. It amuses when people try to pronounce my name… just sound it out.

    4. I prefer guy friends over girl friends any day; guys are so much easier to get along with.

    5. I very much dislike video games and most electronics, I don’t see why people are so attached; you could be doing something better with your time. Likewise, technology hates me.

    6. Most people that meet me say I’m very mature for my age and I act very grown up. The people that ACTUALLY know me say I belong in preschool.

    7. I can keep secrets really well… especially my own.

    8. I don’t listen to a specific band or type of music. I like anything

    9. Lying is the worst possible thing you can do.

    10. I like drawing too 🙂

    11. I get distracted REALLY easily.

    12. There is not one person I tell absolutely everything to.

    13. My favorite song is “Butterfly” by Crazytown. It’s been my favorite song since I was 8.
    14. I don’t have a favorite food. I eat pretty much anything- except mushrooms.
    15. Im sarcastic about 90% of the time.
    16. I take tons of pictures.

    17. I like the beach 🙂 lots.
    18. I’m pretty good at solving everyone’s problems, but I never use my own advice.

    19. I’m going to live in Europe someday 🙂
    20. “Hate” and “Love” are very strong words, and it bothers me when people misuse them.

    21. Not a day has passed by during which I haven’t danced at all.

    22. I think we’ve established that I have THE WEIRDEST dreams; no, there really is no use trying to with me.

    23. I really wish I had an older brother. Life would have been so much more fun.

    24. The only sports I’ll every willingly watch are volleyball, tennis, or soccer.
    25. I’m VERY indecisive. haha

    26. I know it says 25 but 26 is one of my favorite numbers 🙂

    25 things you might not know about Andrea!

    We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Models! Thank you to Andrea for sending us “25 things you might not know about me”

    Would you like to be a Shoot the Moon Model? Apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

    1) I play volleyball and run/jump in track.

    2) I hold my school’s Triple Jump record for girls. (Most people don’t know what Triple Jump is)

    3) My friends always tell me that they are jealous of my natural curly hair.

    4) I watch American Idol every week.
    5) I am extrememly gullible.

    6) My birthday has been on Thanksgiving before.

    7) I don’t have one favorite number or color.

    8) I like cherry flavored things…but not cherries.
    9) I sing driving in my car alone and in my shower.

    10) I am the youngest of my two other older sisters.
    11) I go on Facebook too much sometimes.
    12) I enjoy listening to 90s music.

    13) I have been to Mexico and Alaska before.

    14) My favorite chocolate candy is Charleston Chews.

    15) I go to Kettle Moraine High School.

    16) I have a best friend of 9 years now.
    17) I have had braces before and currently use contacts.
    18) My name comes from my moms best friend when she was younger.

    19) I am easily amused.

    20) My doctor says I am taller than 90% of girls my age.

    21) I love all kinds of movies, especially romantic comedies and horror films.
    22) I love turtles.

    23) I enjoy texting a little too much.

    24) My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies N Cream.
    25) This was very easy for me because I am a very random person

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