25 things you might not know about Magi!

Posted on April 1, 2010 by Melissa

Thank you to Magi for submitting “25 things you might not know about me.” Make sure to check out number 26 🙂

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1. I’m Bulgarian; I was born there and I lived there for 5 years until I moved to Milwaukee. I go back almost every summer to visit my friends and family

2. Chocolate fixes everything.
3. It amuses when people try to pronounce my name… just sound it out.

4. I prefer guy friends over girl friends any day; guys are so much easier to get along with.

5. I very much dislike video games and most electronics, I don’t see why people are so attached; you could be doing something better with your time. Likewise, technology hates me.

6. Most people that meet me say I’m very mature for my age and I act very grown up. The people that ACTUALLY know me say I belong in preschool.

7. I can keep secrets really well… especially my own.

8. I don’t listen to a specific band or type of music. I like anything

9. Lying is the worst possible thing you can do.

10. I like drawing too 🙂

11. I get distracted REALLY easily.

12. There is not one person I tell absolutely everything to.

13. My favorite song is “Butterfly” by Crazytown. It’s been my favorite song since I was 8.
14. I don’t have a favorite food. I eat pretty much anything- except mushrooms.
15. Im sarcastic about 90% of the time.
16. I take tons of pictures.

17. I like the beach 🙂 lots.
18. I’m pretty good at solving everyone’s problems, but I never use my own advice.

19. I’m going to live in Europe someday 🙂
20. “Hate” and “Love” are very strong words, and it bothers me when people misuse them.

21. Not a day has passed by during which I haven’t danced at all.

22. I think we’ve established that I have THE WEIRDEST dreams; no, there really is no use trying to with me.

23. I really wish I had an older brother. Life would have been so much more fun.

24. The only sports I’ll every willingly watch are volleyball, tennis, or soccer.
25. I’m VERY indecisive. haha

26. I know it says 25 but 26 is one of my favorite numbers 🙂

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