25 things you might not know about Caitlyn!

Posted on April 28, 2010 by Melissa

We love getting to know our class of 2011 senior models!

Please apply at www.stmphoto.com/models

1. I play Lacrosse
2. i live on a farm and i love it!
3. i have a pet duck named greg:)
4. i have played the flute since 5th grade
5.i love taking pictures
6.i like trying and making people laugh
7. i am very talkive
8.i love coloring pictures for people
9. a lot of people tell me how jealous they are of my natural curly hair
10.i like reading for fun
11. i hate wearing shoes.. barefoot is the way to go:)
12.i have four siblings
13. i have been to only four states in the u.s
14.my lucky number if 14:)
15.i want to travel europe
16.summer is my favorite time of the year
17. want to go skydiving
18. I am extrememly gullible.
19.my favorite book it is “A Bend In The Road”
http://www.facebook.com/l/16451;20.my favorite color in red
21.i love wearing jeans
22.in college i want to major in Animals sciences
23.i want to learn how to play the guitar
24.i talk way to much
25. i clean when i get really bored
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