25 things you might not know about Kaitlin!

Posted on April 28, 2010 by Melissa

Thank you Kaitlin for sharing “25 things you might now know about me.”

Kaitlin is our awesome Class of 2011 Model. Please visit www.stmphoto.com/models if you would like to apply.

one: my middle name is kilroy. i’m not joking.

two: i’m a technology junkie and an internet addict.

three: like every other teenager on the planet, i’m a little bit in love with music. i like jammin’ to ke$ha, the
white stripes, vampire weekend, spoon, flight of the conchords, cobra starship, ect, ect.

four: my def totes sup gorg biff and i have our own abbrev langz. translation: my definitely super gorgeous best friend and i have our own abbreviated language.

five: field hockey is life.

six: my favorite store is urban outfitters. i wish my closet was that store.

seven: i often go on goodwill raids will my friends which include the purchasing of large amounts of flannel and crew neck sweatshirts.

eight: a lot of my friends think i’m crabby when i text or facebook message with them. fyi, i’m not. i just don’t like smiley faces and excessive exclamation marks.

nine: i go to dsha and wear a plaid skirt to school everyday.

ten: i love sunglasses and water bottles. they’re so pretty and practical.

eleven: if you haven’t noticed yet, i like using punctuation and dislike capitalization, UNLESS I’M REALLY EXCITED.

twelve: i live off of passion ice tea lemonades and white chocolate mochas from starbucks.

thirteen: i don’t get tan, i just get freckles.

fourteen: i carry a tube of glitter in my pencil case.

fifteen: my passion is dancing. not ballet or jazz, but going crazy to a beat that speaks to my heart.

sixteen: i’m captain sarcastic.

seventeen: i have every single line from napoleon dynamite memorized.

eighteen: i speak franglish, a blend of english and french. ex: j’adore modeling avec shoot the moon.

nineteen: i could use my keys to beat somebody up. i have 457098137049573 keychains.

twenty: if i were a planet, i’d be pluto. tiny and rebellious.

twenty one: the extent of my musical talent is playing the kazoo.

twenty two: when i grow up, i want to live in san fan, drive an old school mustang, and adopt a foreign baby.

twenty three: peacock feathers match everything.

twenty four: shout out to elissa hornick, marie mejaki, bret james bischoff, and tyler vavrik.

twenty five: when i turn eighteen, i’m going to get a mustache tattoo on my right index finger.

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