25 things you might not know about gracie!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model Gracie for sharing ’25 things you might not know about me!’

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1. I’m 25% Italian and 75% Sicilian.

2. I can speak and understand Sicilian.

3. My favorite food in the whole entire world is shrimp fried rice with gravy!

4. I put nutella ontop of pancakes instead of butter and syrup.

5. I have been singing in the Milwaukee Childrens Choir since 4th grade.

6. I go and visit my family in Sicily everyother summer.

7. I love to jet ski and have been ever since I was little.

8. My best friend is the most amazing red head ever!

9. I’m a ballroom dancer and have been dancing ever since I was little.

10. I named my car Sir Julius. Julius is after the little boy in the movie Big Daddy because it’s my all time favorite movie!

11. I was in Latin (language class) from 7th grade all the way through my sophomore year in high school.

12. I have 2 little brothers, Antonio who is 10 and Gianluca who is 3 years old.

13. I am named after both of my grandmothers (Graziella and Nina).

14. My real first name is Graziella (Gracie for short).

15. My mother, grandmother and I all share the same first and last name. (yes, it can get very confusing)..

16. I have 3 dogs, Pupa (which means “dolly” in Sicilian), Nicco (an Italian name for Nick), and Ceasar (who was named after Julius Ceasar).

17. I love Chinese take out, it’s my favorite!!

18. My boyfriend of almost 2 years is complete opposite of me. He is a fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyed Norweigan! 😀

19. My favorite singer is Enya, she has such a beautiful voice

20. I have the phobeia of my collar bone. I can’t stand when it is touched, it just freaks me out

21. I’m a very heavy sleeper! It is so hard for me to wake up in the morning or hear my alarm.

22. I love to go 4wheeling, it’s really fun!

23. My favorite kind of muffins are blueberry muffins!

24. I love to watch highschool football, I’m at every game!

25. I love classic 80’s rock music. Sting is by far my favorite famous person! And the Police is my all time favorite band!!! 😀

Queen for A Day: Milwaukee Photography

In Conjunction with the Delafield Art Walk and in celebration of Mother’s day, the merchants of Downtown Delafield hosted a “Queen for a Day” Raffle. Our lucky winner, Kate was treated to breakfast, a makeover, photo session from us, lunch, treats from all the area businesses and much much more!

She chose to spend the day with her friend and daughter, and I was lucky enough to have photographed them all! Kate- you are beautiful! Thank you for the amazing photo shoot today!

Little Miss B- Milwaukee Photography outdoor portrait session

Little Miss B came to our Delafield photography studio for her portrait session. She is a child model and came in for photographs for her photography comp cart with Ford and It was SO much fun to photograph her! Miss B first buttered me up with flowers. (THANK YOU!) I repaid the favor.. with ice cream and a fantastic caramel apple! Thank you so much for the fun, candid photography session!

25 things you might not know about kristen!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Senior Models! Thank you to Kristen for sharing ’25 things you might not know about me.’

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1. I love music! Songs constantly are running though my head! I
2. I constantly jam to Lady Gaga and Ke$ha when I drive! If anyone saw i think they would die of laughter!!
3. I am obsessed with Chinese food. If I could i would eat it for every meal.
4. I laugh at everything. Once I start no one can stop me.
5. I have deep purple sheets on my bed that I love because that’s my favorite color.
6. I attempt speak french. I wish I was fluent!!
7. If I had all the time in the world I would make scrap books for all my pictures.
8. I love traveling. My dream is to one day travel the world

9. After work I love coming home, putting on pajamas and watching a good movie.
10. I thoroughly enjoy any chick flick or cheesy romantic movie… I cry at every touching scene.
11. One day I hope to go to Africa and help out with Invisible Children for a year, that would be quit the experience
12. I have been on every ride at Six Flags
13. I have the most adorable cat named Mister Mister.. (after the song by Train)
14. My goal is to move to California, wish me luck 🙂
15. I have been singing ever since I was 4.. it’s my talent and passion
16. My best friend and I love to hit up goodwill.. we find alot of sweet vintage stuff!

17. My favorite number is 8..idk why
18. If I could marry ANYONE it would be Chace Crawford.. he is definitely my celebrity crush. georgous

19. My all time favorite season is Fall. I love the smell of leaves and freshness in the air
20. I actually like math.. when i understand it I find it fun
21. I have nooooo clue that I actually want to do when I “grow up”.. I have so many ideas it’s crazy.
22. I am addicted to my phone, I feel lost without it
23. I have never seen Twilight!!! BUT I did read the 1st book and it was amazing
24. I like making wishes at 11:11.. I make them until the clock strikes 11:12
25. I LOVEEE banana boating.. if you haven’t gone GO!

25 things you might not know about chloe!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model Chloe for sharing ’25 things you might not know about me.’

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1. My last name is Papageorgio, it appeared in the movie Vegas Vacation.

2. I am an only child, if you don’t count step siblings. Otherwise, I am the middle child.

3. I celebrated my golden birthday this week on May 17, I can see rated r movies legally now! 🙂

4. I want to be a psychiatrist at a Veterans hospital when I grow up.

5. I am Greek and proud of it 🙂

6. I play Varsity tennis at Pewaukee High School but this is only my second year ever playing!

7. My WHOLE family is in the hair industry, either styling or teaching.

8. I love the Harry Potter trilogy!

9. My favorite animals are Narwhal whales, they have unicorn horns!

10. I am a choir nerd..secretly. I will never admit that but I am in my schools Varsity Choir and we got a 1 at state.

11. I LOVE peanut butter! I’ll eat it plain!

12. I am lactose intolerant but I work at a custard stand.

13. My favorite celebrity of all time is Marilyn Monroe, she’s so gorgeous!

14. When I was a baby I had a biting problem..I would come home from daycare with a list of people I bit.

15. I naturally have wavy hair but when i was a toddler they were in little ringlets!

16. My favorite movie is Anchorman, no matter how many times I see it I will still laugh at everything!

17. I love laughing!

18. I am the oldest out of all the cousins in my family but everyone has a good two to three inches on me.

19. My holiday is Halloween but I hate being scared!

20. I would do absolutely anything for my friends and family, they are my life!

21. My favorite subject in school is sociology and psychology.

22. I don’t get grossed out by anything, I watch plastic surgery shows while I eat dinner. Scratch that, I ONLY get grossed out by throw up.

23. I love to write and when I was younger I would write short stories about my life. I have them saved for when I am older.

24. If I could chose to spend one day with anyone it would be Will Ferrell, he is hilarious!

25. I am very outgoing and love talking!

25 things you might not know about Lauren!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Models! Thank you Lauren for sending us ’25 things you might not know about me.’

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1. My parents got divorced when I was six

2. I have a younger brother named Ryan, he goes to boarding school at St. Johns Northwestern Military Academy

3. I am SOOOOOOOOO afraid of the dark. Sometimes I still sleep with a night light.

4. I love to travel, I go to Sweden every summer

5. I love thunderstorms and enjoy yucky, dismal, rainy, weather

6. I love Disney movies (every single one of them)

7. I still sleep with a Pooh Bear blanket

8. Unlike most teenagers, I love books and I read…..a lot.

9. I love to cuddle

10. I listen to country music

11. I’m algeric to milk but can still have dairy products….weird, I know.

12. I do all the laundry for my whole entire family

13. I hate going swimming but love being on/near the water

14. I’m OCD about my closet, everything is color-coordinated and every shoe has a specifc spot.

15. My favorite animal are polar bears.

16. When I was little I didn’t flush the toilet beause I was afraid it would overflow.

17. I play lacrosse and field hockey.

18. I want to go South for college…I’m not sure which school. I just want the warmth.

19. I’ve had braces three times

20. I LOVEEEEEE brussel sprouts

21. My dog has been picked up by the River Hills police more than once and even went to the pound

22. I love deep sea fishing

23. My favorite designer is Lilly Pulitzer

24 .My favorite boy band back in the 90’s was N’Sync, not Backstreet Boys

25. I’m a huge cuddle-bug.

25 things you didn't know about Kinza!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model, Kinza, for sending us ’25 things you might not know about me.’

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1. I am black.

2. I am truly African.

3. I was born in Ghana.

4. My ethnic group is the Dagomba tribe.

5. I love dark chocolate.

6. I am a coffee addict.

7. Music is my life.

8. Hot Pink is my favorite color.

9. I have four siblings and 12 nieces and nephews.

10. I love to dance.

11. I love food.

12. Thunderstorms make me happy.

13. The piano is my baby.

14. I love to make gourmet, expensive meals for my family.

15. I enjoy fixing my parents’ computers.

16. Sleeping is my hobby.

17. I love to read.

18. Composing music is a hobby of mine.

19. I love jamming out to music with my friends.

20. I like running outside barefoot in the summer.

21. My favorite Disney movie of all time is “The Lion King.”

22. My dream is to write music for movies.

23. I love watching action movies.

24. I run track and cross country.

25. Playing the piano helps my become less stressed or emotional.

25 things you might not know about Shannen!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 model Shannen for sharing “25 things you might not know about me.”

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1. I have an interest in learning how to do weird things such as yodeling. My next goal: beat boxing.

2. I aspire to be either a fashion designer or fashion magazine editor when I’m older.

3. Dancing is a passion of mine. Mainly just looking like an idiot with friends…

4. I can breakdance. Not very good. but it’s still classified as breakdancing =]

5. I hope to be a Disney Character for a semester in Florida. Hopefully Belle!

6. I love to sing really loud just to look like an idiot. REALLY loud.

7. I don’t what my real singing voice sounds like. That’s the truth.

8. I like all kinds of music. However, Country is probably my favorite along with the “odd” music like Regina Spektor and John Mayer.

9. My mom wanted to name me Harley Sue. That would be my first name, not my first and middle.

10. I play the saxophone and piano. I try to teach myself guitar, but it doesn’t always work.

11. I’m obsessed with The Office. I forced myself to watch it through season two and then couldn’t stop watching after that. Now the “That’s What She Said” jokes are in my everyday vocabulary.

12. I’m upset that Cheban (or however you spell her name) is gone on American Idol. Lee is my only favorite left after her and Andrew Garcia were gone.

13. I’ve jumped off a mountain in Switzerland before.

14. I’mma pole-vaulter. I like to jump =]

15. I love to tumble, play volleyball, and softball.

16. I’m extremely jealous of people who like to read.

17. I can’t sit still for more than two minutes. this is the third time I’ve come back to this “autobiography.”

18. My dream car is a Stingray Corvette, white with a T-Top.

19. When I was little, I liked the Nanny and Golden Girls more than Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.

20. I think Boy Meets World was the best show ever created.

21. It’s eleven thirty at night and I still haven’t gotten a gift for my brother’s wedding shower tomorrow morning which starts at like ten thirty/ eleven.

22. I strongly believe that lunchables were the greatest invention of all time.

23. I used to collect toe socks of all different colors and characters.

24. I have a brother who was Buzz Lightyear and Pluto in Disney World. Yet at the same time I have a sister who is a serious lawyer.

25. I went to Subway to get my free breakfast this morning.

25 things you might not know about Mel!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model, Mel for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

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1. im an only child :]

2. i want to attend the unniversity of Oshkosh next fall

3. i have wanted to be a nurse since i was about 7 years old

4. This summer i am getting my CNA license- Certified Nursing Assistant

5. im a natural blonde- and love it!

6. my middle name is spelled different than the norm- Allyson. Regularly spelt Allison

7. i was named after a song- my dads favorite song

8. My favorite color is pink! Everything is pink!

9. I was born in Dallas, TX

10. Ive lived in 6 different houses in my short 17 years

11. I am allgeric to oak trees. Weird right! They are all over Wisconsin

12. I go to Brookfield East, but I live 30 minutes away from school

13. my favorite accessory is sunglasses or my purse. I always have them with me :]

14. I’m faired skin like my mom, but i tan like my father

15. I am a varsity co-ed cheerleader at east. Go Spartans!

16. i love to dance, but i have really bad rhythm

17. my weakness is cookies and creme poptarts…so dont give them to me!

18. i like to draw and doodle, but i am a very bad artist

19. i LOVE to cook! im guilty of watching the food network. I love to try new recipies…YUM!

20. when i drive, i blast the music and sing really loud….but only when i am alone!

21. Desperate Housewives is my favorite show…ever!

22. I want to zipline across before i die

23. my favorite number is 24. It was the number on my first basketball jersey

24. I have never left the country. Well if you count the US Virgin Islands, then yes.

25. I grew up as a Barney child. I LOVED that purple dinasour :]

25 things you might not know about Chelsea!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Models!

Want to learn more about our Seniors? Please visit www.stmseniors.com/

Thanks to Chelsea for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with the show Lost

2. I pretty much speak in my own language that only my friends can understand

3. I don’t go anywhere without a bandaid(I attract injuries)

4. I work at the Weyenburg library

5. My favorite song is Happier by Guster

6. My favorite season is fall

7. I love Six Flags, I plan on going there alot over the summer

8. Door County is AMAZING and is one of my favorite places

9. I’m going to Europe in June through my school

10. I love the Grateful Dead

11. My favorite movie is The Haunting in Conneticut

12. I want to either get into psycology or nutrition when I grow up

13. I like fondu, especially when that includes chocolate fountains

14. I have an extreme fear of all bugs

15. I really like to go camping(which doesn’t really make sense with the whole bug thing)

16. I’ve never been to Disney but I really want to go

17. I spend almost my entire summers at the beach

18. I don’t tan very well, only burn and peel

19.I have 4 pets, my dog(Monty), a bunny(Bandit),a bird(Romeo), and fish who have no names

20.I love to draw, it is how i relieve stress

21.I could live off of puppy chow and brownies

22. I love my friends, I don’t know what I would do without them

23.I’ve always wanted to do a mission type thing in a poor country like Africa, like Habitat for Humanity or something

24. I hate history, I find it boring and useless

25.I love the show Criminal Minds, its disturbing but so interesting!

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