25 things you might not know about Mel!

Posted on May 10, 2010 by Melissa

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model, Mel for sharing “25 things you might not know about me”

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1. im an only child :]

2. i want to attend the unniversity of Oshkosh next fall

3. i have wanted to be a nurse since i was about 7 years old

4. This summer i am getting my CNA license- Certified Nursing Assistant

5. im a natural blonde- and love it!

6. my middle name is spelled different than the norm- Allyson. Regularly spelt Allison

7. i was named after a song- my dads favorite song

8. My favorite color is pink! Everything is pink!

9. I was born in Dallas, TX

10. Ive lived in 6 different houses in my short 17 years

11. I am allgeric to oak trees. Weird right! They are all over Wisconsin

12. I go to Brookfield East, but I live 30 minutes away from school

13. my favorite accessory is sunglasses or my purse. I always have them with me :]

14. I’m faired skin like my mom, but i tan like my father

15. I am a varsity co-ed cheerleader at east. Go Spartans!

16. i love to dance, but i have really bad rhythm

17. my weakness is cookies and creme poptarts…so dont give them to me!

18. i like to draw and doodle, but i am a very bad artist

19. i LOVE to cook! im guilty of watching the food network. I love to try new recipies…YUM!

20. when i drive, i blast the music and sing really loud….but only when i am alone!

21. Desperate Housewives is my favorite show…ever!

22. I want to zipline across before i die

23. my favorite number is 24. It was the number on my first basketball jersey

24. I have never left the country. Well if you count the US Virgin Islands, then yes.

25. I grew up as a Barney child. I LOVED that purple dinasour :]

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