A note to parents....

At a parent get together last night, I was talking with a fellow parent (who is also one of my son’s much-loved teachers) and he was telling me about an article he read that talked about how easy it is to remember all of the firsts with your kids— but that you should also not take for granted any moments– because they may be the last time your child does something too…

Another Fantastic Household Tip

Is it cheaper to buy a whole new blender or just replace that busted blender jar? Until you figure that one out, you might try this: Many detachable blade assemblies screw right onto a mayo jar or a small-mouth Mason jar. Don’t fill it by more than half, though, and as with any regular blender, avoid very hot liquids.


Its a blog carnival- Custom photography information, Milwaukee

I’m so excited to be partnering up with some amazingly talented professional portrait photographers from all around the country in what we’re calling a ”blog carnival”. The goal is to provide our readers with information about all aspects of working with a custom photographer. So here’s the scoop…. read my article below preparing for your viewing and ordering appointment and at the end I’ll provide some info about the next photographer featured and a link to her blog and article. At the end of her article on her blog you’ll see a link to another photographer’s blog and their article and the fun goes on and on… kinda like a carnival without the feeling of motion sickness from being on the tilt-a-whirl for too long after too many candy apples! Seriously, you will love what you learn, and the photographers… well, they’re just amazing.


The viewing and ordering appointment is one of our most favorite parts of the entire custom portrait experience! This is when we get to share the culmination of all of our hard work with you. Its emotional and amazing to see your family’s images large up on the screen in our cozy viewing room.

Most people have the common misconception that it will be very difficult to choose! Please rest assured, we will help you make this process smooth and amazing for you but here are a few tips to help make it easier!

  1. Measure your walls. Most people choose custom photography to create art for their walls. This is one of our specialities and we love to help you create something truly unique. Its helpful to come in with measurements, or even cell phone photos of possible walls you are considering. Most people immediately think over the fireplace, sofa or up the stairs, but we encourage you to think outside the box. We can custom size images and can create something perfect for that hard to fit space such as between windows, over cabinets or in nooks. By bringing in measurements, it helps to ensure proper scale.
  2. Bring all decision makers. Your ordering will happen at this time so if you will have multiple people involved in the decision process, please make sure they are in attendance.
  3. Make a list of anyone who needs gifts. We can help to determine the most appropriate packages, or best value in ordering based on what images you want, so please bring a list of anyone that may need gifts.
  4. Come with an open mind! This is huge! Often, particularly if you have not visited a custom photographer in the past, you will expect to find 2-3 images you love and are quite surprised when there are 30 amazing images you simply must have. We have tons of ideas and products to help you get those amazing images and we will work together with you to find the most appropriate products. You may have come in wanting a single large image for over your fireplace, only to find that a series of 4 images scaled to the appropriate size will create a bigger impact in your room.
  5. Lastly, enjoy the process. Its a beautiful thing to see your daughter’s beautiful blue eyes smiling at your larger than life– or your little boy’s chubby fingers wrapped around yours. Custom photography is emotional and touching and the viewing and ordering appointment is your chance to view the lifelong art we have created together.


Next up on our blog carnival is my dear friend Anna Karin Skillen from Louisiana. She is from Sweden and has the cutest accent. She is going to write an article on how to safely travel with camera equipment. SO Helpful!



Have you checked out our IPhone App?

Did you know we have an iPhone app? Its really cool– and its free to download. Take a little piece of Milwaukee’s Shoot the Moon Photography with you and share photos, news and tips with your friends.


Keep informed of specials and promotions. We will occasionally put in gift certificates- so check it often for fun little surprises. What is even better– when you register your app, we can place images on it just for you.. and it will show on your phone- and no one elses! Slick huh?

Did you know that we send $100 gift certificates when you refer a new client to us? Next time you are talking to a friend– show them our work.. they can request a session right through our app. We will pop a gift certificate in the mail right when they book!

Perfect product for back to school lunches!

Found these great containers for back to school! Fits a sandwich and goodies and no lids to look for! Brilliant!


FRED Models Rock the Cold!

Models really do do it all! Despite freezing temps outside, a couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to work with some great models who rocked some fun spring fashion! The girls were modeling the latest trends from Fred Boutique (524 N Water St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 ) Check out their stuff at www.fredboutique.com and get ready for spring!




Keep your fingers crossed!

Photographers run in small circles, and often know each other and gain inspiration from other photographer’s work. One group of photographers I admire is TriCoast. They just redid their blog and for the first 20 that visited their new blog were entered to win a set of radio poppers from their camera bag! Sweet contest! I was #9. Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime.. check out their blog at: http://tricoastphoto.com/blog/

Excellent Money tool: and its free (and includes a great iPhone app!)

One of my new years resolutions is going to be to save more money and i love searching for new iPhone apps to make my life easier. I came across a highly rated (and free) app called MINT.  It works in conjunction with mint.com (also free) where you can set up an account as a portal in minutes (just do a search for all of your savings, checking, credit cards, loans etc..) and securely log in…

It provides you with a snapshot of your whole financial situation as well as allows you to set budgets and even gives suggestions on ways to  save money!  For example, it suggested changing one of my credit card accounts to a different type of account with the same company to save a significant amount and made some savings suggestions!

The iphone app updates itself each night and gives you a daily snapshot of your financial portfolio!

Its a great tool!

Hey Juuuuuuuuude...

This made me laugh, just thought I would share! So adorable!

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