Ozaukee County Photography: Kaitlin

On Location senior pictures have been a recent trend here at Shoot the Moon at both our Mequon and Delafield photography studios. If you’re interested in booking your senior portrait session and going on location, remember to reserve your slot as soon as possible, as prime lighting times are an important consideration when choosing outdoor photography. Also, keep in mind that having both indoor and outdoor images to choose from adds a nice variety to your senior portrait session. If your interested in heading on location for your shoot, consider booking our 90-minute Contemporary session to allow for both indoor and outdoor fun. Additionally, if you’re interested in going somewhere but don’t have a location in mind, simply inquire when you call to book-we have our own favorite spots that we’ll absolutely recommend. Check out a few images from Kaitlin’s recent senior session (so glad we missed the rain!) Call today to reserve your spot! 262-240-9848

25 things you might not know about Stef!

Thank you to our Class of 2011 Model Stef for sharing 25 things you might not know about me!

If you would like to learn more about Shoot the Moon Photography Senior Portraiture, please visit www.stmseniors.com

1. I am really energetic!

2. I think peanut butter and chocolate are amazing together!

3. I’m actually deathly allergic to nuts, but thankfully not peanuts!

4. I love playing sports…just for fun :]

5. my favorite sports to watch are basketball, baseball, and football

6. Stir Crazy is my favorite place to eat

7. I just got a puppy named Ginger!

8. I have 2 awesome sisters

9. I love to talk. I could do it all day and night. If you don’t believe me, I’m up for the challenge!

10. I work at Camp Minikani, and I LOVE IT!

11. I’m fascinated by stars

12. I love going on walks

13. I am a competitive dancer and my favorite is tap dancing!

14. I sing really loud in the shower. I can’t help it!!

15. I love winter because it’s the perfect cuddling season!

16. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand or Australia

17. My hair is its natural color

18. I am half Puerto Rican

19. I love Avatar. Seriously.

20. I take my camera everywhere but never touch it

21. I played the violin for 9 years

22. I love doing service

23. I love kids! They are just amazing

24. I don’t like to read but I really want to get into it

25. I have no idea what I want to study in college… gotta keep my options open for now!

Milwaukee Senior Photography: On Location with Christie!

When planning your senior portraits, don’t forget to think about a unique location. The beach always makes a beautiful setting for your images. We encourage you to suggest more unconventional locations as well. If you have a favorite spot to hang out or if you are more of a city person, we love to try different things. We had a great time shooting Christie’s Senior Portraits while having a little fun in Lake Michigan. Here are a few favorites of mine 🙂

Milwaukee Senior Photography: Class of 2011 Model Lauren

I love clothes and last week Lauren brought in a ton of outfits to choose from which makes me one happy photographer. It was a blast mixing and matching everything she brought in. We had fun with it which is something to keep in mind for you senior portrait experience. Here are a few from Lauren’s session. Thanks for coming in Lauren, enjoy! 🙂


Milwaukee Senior Photography: Class of 2011 Senior Models

Here are a few from Adrianna’s outdoor session last week! It is getting really busy around here with the start of senior season and I wanted to give everyone a look at what Shoot the Moon Photography is up to. If you are a part of the class of 2011 and are looking for something creative and unique, give us a call! 262.240.9848.

25 things you might not know about leslie!

We love getting to know our Class of 2011 Senior Models! Thank you Leslie for sharing ’25 things you might not know about me.’

Would you like to learn more about our Class of 2011 Senior Sessions? Please visit our website at www.stmseniors.com

1) I have an obsession with Ke$ha.

2) I am a nature freak.

3) I love the color yellow.

4) I love music.

5) My phone is attached to me, never go anywhere with out it.

6) I love spending my nights at the beach till 1 in the morning

7) I secretly am a choir nerd.

8) I LOVE peanut butter!

9) Nothing grosses me out.

10) I want to be in sports medicine or physical therapy when I am older.

11) I am always cold.

12) Coffee addict.

13) I hate wearing shoes.

14) I LOVE running!

15) My favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins.

16) Natural blonde.

17) I HATE history, it just doesn’t click!

18) I love taking pictures.

19) Playdough ice cream….yumm

20) I like to color.

21) I am not the most coordinated person out there.

22) Big lollipops = love

23) I like swinging.

24) I want to travel to Australia.

25) I don’t like video games.

Milwaukee Senior Photography: Class of 2011 Kassie

I loved Kassie’s mellow attitude and willingness to try anything. We ventured around our field out in back of the Mequon studio and shot some perfect summertime images. If you are wanting a little green in your photos, this is a great location. I personally LOVE how well the green looked with her strawberry colored hair. Thanks for coming in, I had a great time! Here’s a little preview 🙂


Arrowhead High School: Class of 2010

Simply put, Caitlyn rocks. She was such a trooper as I took her around town exploring some fantastic places to photograph her second senior portrait session. It’s so fun to be around this girl! If I were in high school, I would definately want to be her friend. Enjoy summer girl!


Brookfield Senior Pictures: Class of 2010

When Melissa shows up, I know my job is going to be easy. She has effortless style and is just so much fun to be around, let alone photograph. She had an AMAZING wardrobe from Fred Boutique downtown Milwaukee. You can check them out here. Have a great summer Melissa!


Hartland Child Photographer: Outdoor kids!

I was invited to photograph some seriously amazing kiddos at their beautiful home today. We had so much fun playing by the lake, walking up the paths and exploring! I love the toothy grins and giggles from my new little friend! His sister is not only beautiful, but incredibly sweet. I even got to see their secret reading spot! It was absolutely special. At the end of our child photography session, my hard work was rewarded with an amazing hand drawn picture that is now displayed proudly in my office. It was my name written in PINK (My favorite color and hers!) with super awesome stars, hearts and the word FUN written all around it.

Fun sums it up! Thank you for an amazing outdoor portrait session!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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