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Posted on January 31, 2010 by angela

After numerous occasions eating the expired popcorn (yes, I admit it) that’s been hanging around the studio for…awhile…and more than my fair share of the studio’s supply of Tootsie Pops, I’m glad someone made the suggestion that we have a Shoot the Moon potluck. Actual food!? This was brilliant. (No folks, don’t think everyone at the Moon shares my horrid eating habits while at work, most have grasped the concept of bringing a lunch) But anyway… we decided last week to have our first staff potluck. The tasty lunch was a fun little bonding activity to christen our new Mequon photography studio location, and it was a great way to do it. Taco dip, veggies, salads, stuffed mushrooms, puppy chow, and the staple Sloppy Joe’s made for a variety packed spread and a happy staff afterwards. To sum up I guess my point is that I’ve learned a few things….

1) Stale popcorn is not the only option for lunch food, regardless of whether or not it seems more appealing because it’s the cheese kind.

2) Eating large amounts of taco dip will inevitably lead to a stomach ache. Every time.

3) Potlucks are not only a fun staff bonding activity but provide leftovers for more lunches that are not stale popcorn.

4) Check yourself for powdered sugar stains after consuming puppy chow.

Here is a recipe for my potluck share last week, Cucumber Sandwiches!!!

Cucumber Sandwiches

2- 8oz cream cheeses

1/4 cup mayo

1 small package italian dressing seasoning

1 large cucumber

1 package(row) cocktail-rye bread


Combine and mix cream cheese, mayo, and italian seasoning. Spread onto slices of rye bread, add one cucumber slice and sprinkle with dill. That’s it! Simple, and delicious…Enjoy!

(Don’t worry Melissa…I finally tossed the popcorn…)

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