Uncluttering the cluttered

Posted on February 1, 2008 by joy

I have to admit, I love organizing!!!!  I may not always be the best at putting things away immediately after I am finished with it, but it bothers me to have it laying out there or bunched together with a bunch of random items that don’t relate to each other.  This past week, we had a huge task that involved moving half of the studio to the other side of the studio.  This meant more studio space as well as "official" desks and bigger work areas.  However, it also meant that we needed to clear out the old desks and file cabinets.  To me, this was a fun challenge that felt very satisfying and freeing!!!!!  To others, it was a question of where to begin.  We started with one drawer at a time and continued onto the bigger task of emptying and decluttering the file cabinets.  It seemed overwhelming at first but after seeing the beautiful new desks and nicely labeled drawers, I think we can all agree that it was well worth it.  Not everyone will know where everything is, but rest assured, its floating somewhere upstairs, probably labeled in a cabinet, we just need to guess which one!!!  The desks look great and are very well deserved after all the hours of sitting behind makeshift desks for two years without any complaints!!!!!!  If only I had the energy to do the same to my closet and bedroom drawers…..Maybe next month!!!!!!

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