The Power of Words

Posted on January 24, 2013 by joy

Although we strive really hard to make sure each order goes out the door in a way that our clients’ expectations are exceeded, occasionally an error is made.   We had such issue with Jennifer.   Most of the time we check in each order and examine, but distance in this case made it difficult for pick up so we had it drop shipped and did not see the final product.   Our attempt to solve the solution was not quite 100% perfect either but Jennifer indicated that she was satisfied with the result.  However… it still bothered me that it was not “exactly” how it should have been.

I took it upon myself to reorder everything so it was consistent.  We checked it all over and shipped it to her (without her knowledge) just to ensure that we got it completely right.

I received the most BEAUTIFULLY written letter today, which will now be displayed in my office as a reminder of the importance of what we do each day.   The letter reads:


Dear Joy:    Thank you for sending the extra wallets of Benjamin.   I find the 9-month-old moment in time to be such a special one; the perfect reminder of the adorable baby they are, but also a glimpse of their emerging future face.

One could argue in fine photography that perhaps the color is enhanced, or flaws worked out of the image… but the thing about that is.. that’s how we see our children.  They are perfect to us, no matter what.  We don’t see any flaws, cuts, scrapes, paleness etc, even if those things exist. INstead, as parents, we see that perfect little face, rich with depth and color, with eyes that beam the innocent soul within.  Your photography is exemplary for that.

I may not be your biggest customer in terms of return visits or dollar amounts spent or custom products ordered, but it is only because it is not in our budget at the moment. I do what I can to have a photograph that is most indicative of the little person I know and see every day. A special image of that moment in time that will only happen once, but that I will be able to savor for a lifetime through your art.

Having said that, that is why I want to thank you for caring enough to make my order right. I genuinely appreciate it and look forward to bringing my young trio in for group photos in the future.  Sincerely, Jennifer Walton


Jennifer.  Thank you.  Your words mean so very much to me.   – Joy


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