The Next Thing On My List

Posted on May 27, 2008 by joy

I recently picked up a book to read while I was on vacation called The Next Thing On My List by Jill Smolinski. While I can’t quite give a full review of it yet (I only just started it this morning) The premise behind the story intrigues me. Upon discovering a list belonging to 24 year-old car crash victim Marissa Jones of 20 things to do before she turned 25, short time friend of Marissa’s June Parker takes it upon herself to complete the list for her in honor of her friend’s life. It got me thinking…What would be on my list??? What would be on yours???

Marissa’s List:

20 Things To Do By My 25th Birthday

1. Lose 100 pounds
2. Kiss a stranger
3. Change someone’s life
4. Wear sexy shoes
5. Run a 5K
6. Dare to go braless
7. Make Buddy Fitch Pay
8. Be the hottest girl at Oasis
9. Get on TV
10. Ride in a helicopter
11. Pitch an idea at work
12. Try boogie boarding
13.Eat ice cream in public
14. Go on a blind date
15. Take Mom and Grandma to see Wayne Newton
16. Get a massage
17. Throw away my bathroom scale
18. Watch a sunrise
19. Show my brother how grateful I am for him
20. Make a big donation to charity

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