A Day in the Life of a Farmer

I’m a city girl. I love going out and about with friends, meeting new people, seeing as many concerts as my budget allows. When I was asked if I wanted to spend a day at a farm, the Melissa from a year ago would have said NO, but hey, it’s 2010 and it’s time I try something new. Could it be possible that I survive a day without the sound of a city bus, loud music coming from my neighbor’s house, or even a working cell phone? Time would tell but I think I was more than ready for this new experience.

The farm is located in Reedsburg, WI. Turns out, I can indeed be a little bit country. The land was beautiful and peaceful. I received a warm welcome from the residents of Reedsburg which made my transition even easier. We had a plentiful lunch as well which included chicken and brats from Sendiks which we brought from home. A request from the farmers themselves:) Here are a couple of pictures from our trip!

Learn more about Reedsburg’s attractions at www.reedsburg.com/.

Visit the Sendiks website at http://www.sendiks.com/

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