Milwaukee Photography Private Photography Business Mentoring

Yesterday I was able to spend the day working with a talented photographer from MN who wanted to tweak the business aspect and get some fresh new ideas! We spent the day (and a yummy lunch!) chatting, brainstorming and coming up with a game plan! Thank you so much for a fun day!

I had a wonderful testimonial waiting for me in my am email box! You made my day. I look forward to all of your profitable updates, Christina!

Anyone looking for a fresh photographer in Minneapolis, I would highly recommend!

After wrapping up spending my day working with Joy I am truly inspired. I have met a lot of incredible people but Joy, her ambition, motivation, confidence (but no ego), sassy attitude & sense of humor has to be at the top of the list. I loved her no nonsense, no fluff sense of style and am excited for the next level in my photography business. If you are ready… I highly recommend spending the day with Joy!! I would do it again if she would have me back!

best, Christina McCormick

UPDATE: Christina emailed me less than a week after her private mentoring session to say that she just had her first $4000+ sale! (up 10x her previous average prior to mentoring!)

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