GREAT Product recommendation: Where in the World Books

You know when you find an amazing product and you want to just tell everyone? I am in love with personalized books from “Where in the World”.

As the mom of two children with somewhat uncommon names, they look in every trinket shop for a license plate, keychain or thimble with their name on it. They are also amazed that I can find so many Holiday Ornaments with my name on it (Joy) and they can’t! I found the perfect gift..

Where in the World Books makes personalized books and products that are truly special. The stories and artwork are about the child they are meant for. T

For example, there is a book called “Thats my Dog” (Also available in Spanish) where you personalize not only the BREED of your dog, but the name. The name isnt even woven only throughout the story, but its also in the illustration as well.

In the book “I want to Read my Name in Lights” your child will be an integrated part of the story.

I spoke with the Author and creator, Jan Krystkowiak, and she has great plans for the next release which is coming out April 1 and will be focused on the active military duty, talking about why they are gone from home, how much they love their son, daughter, nephew etc, and allows for not only personalization of the person but also the line of duty (i.e. navy, airforce etc.)

If it wasnt good enough, this amazing company donates a significant amount to relevant charities! This is my new favorite gift to give.. it will make amazing baby gifts and also my kids will have fun giving them to their friends! No more worries over duplicate gifts– this is one of a kind!

To purchase visit:

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