Super Bowl Commercials

Posted on February 3, 2008 by joy

Okay, so as I sit here on Sunday night after a very hectic family weekend I remember to turn on the Super Bowl.  Still a little depressed our beloved Packers are not playing I struggle to stay focused.  My favorite part of watching the game is the commercials.  I know I am not alone here as they are reviewed and voted on for the next couple of days following the game by mass media everywhere.  So far my vote at half-time would have to be the Budweiser one where he blew fire.  Hilarious 🙂 " Next up is the Budweiser wine and cheese party…so true>

My 11 year old likes the head bobbing Pepsi commercial.  Just what we need- more caffeine in our           d. Pepsi…

I know this is all very exciting reading for a Sunday night and all…but this is my life.

Stay tuned for next week when I tell you my favorite children’s book…


Purple Frog

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