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Posted on April 2, 2008 by joy

Okay, is anyone out there as overwhelmed as I am about the choices for summer camps?  Ther are like a gazillion to choose from.  The ones of course that I would like to sign my kids up for overlap.  Murphy’s Law.  Then the one they really, really want to do falls on a week we were going up to the cottage.  Argh.  Besides all the chaos I say every year we are going to do less…that works right up until they are driving me crazy being at home and I just wish they had an activity to be dropped off at.

But, there is one camp that will work for me every time: Glaze Dayz in Cedarburg.  It’s a creative art camp for kids and it’s art a la carte.  This means there are morning and afternoon camps all summer long and you just pick and choose which ones you want to go to.  You can do 1 or 20.  You can go for a few hours in the morning or stay all day.  I love it!  Besides that, the kids come home with super cool things that I am proud to display in my home.  Seriously, I have never gotten anything that I felt obligated to hang up or use…it has always been pieces I LOVE.  For example, last year my daughter brought home a beautiful wind chime made with fused glass.  It hangs outside our patio doors.  Then there’s the family birthday plate…what a treasured keepsake!  We use it on every family member’s birthday.

The staff is really friendly and helpful.  We always feel welcome at Glaze.  Check out their website at  then click on Glaze Dayz.  There’s even a class this year with Shoot The Moon’s own award winning photographer, Joy Vertz called Pictures in the Park!

I would love to hear from anyone else about great summer camp/class suggestions 🙂

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