Perceived Beauty Standards by Class of 2016 Senior Model, Michaella

Posted on February 20, 2015 by angela

Shoot the Moon Photography is excited to have kicked off our model season for the Class of 2016. We’ve already begun photographing this year’s representatives and look forward to more model shoots in the coming weeks.

The Shoot the Moon model program allows upcoming seniors throughout the Northshore and Lake Country areas to represent Shoot the Moon, their school, and themselves in a fun and exciting way. Meeting our models allows us, as photographers, to talk with high school seniors and figure out the latest trends and interests for next year’s graduating class. Learning about our senior partners also allows us to continue to develop Shoot the Moon’s classic, but modern style in a way that keeps us fresh.

Knowing what our clients want and exceeding their expectations is important to our team. Our model program helps us do that. If you or someone you know will be a Class of 2016 high school senior, consider joining our model program at either of our Mequon or Okauchee studios by filling out an application here. (PS…You get great discounts on your senior pictures and other free stuff)

And now, check out an awesome blog put together by our model Michaella, a Class of 2016, Kettle Moraine Lutheran senior!

Perceived Beauty Standards

Picture this. ­
You’re standing in front of the mirror looking at every tiny flaw that you have, while thinking you have to make a change. You try your best to eat healthy and work out, just to find yourself staring in the mirror again, maybe noticing a slim change. Thoughts of, “If only I looked like that” cross through your mind, just to realize you will never be able to “look like that.”

Sadly, this happens time and time again in a teenage girl’s life. But why? Not only is this the time of a girl’s life when their bodies are changing, but also it is from societies perceived beauty standards. Constantly, the “perfect” body and face of a girl is seen on billboards, in magazines, and on the internet. Many of the girls on the advertisements have to be the “right” size, weight, and height. Along with being the “right” dimensions, most of the girls are photoshopped as well. Since so many teenage girls are trying to capture an unrealistic and impossible goal, it has ruined some girl’s self­esteems.

To be honest, I was the girl in front of the mirror constantly ripping on myself. I always wanted to change parts of me. But then I realized…every person is DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL in their own way. In the past few years, I have grown to accept who I am as a person. I may not be a size 3, or be 5’8, but hey, who cares because God designed me exact the way I was supposed to be. And there is no one out there who has the exact same uniqueness and beauty that you do!

Remember to love the way you are (even when it is difficult)!

Michaella 🙂

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