Posted on March 24, 2008 by joy

Okay so last week I went to Chicago to see Oprah with a group of friends. We drove down the night before.  We had to be to the studio by 7am.  We arrived on time…along with the rest of the audience that day.  Some of the audience members claimed getting there by 6am!!!  It may have paid off a little because when you were seated it was by number and that was in order of when you got there.  Live and learn.  There were a bunch of names called off before they went to numbers and we still can’t figure the rhyme or reason to that.  Who were these people with names instead of numbers?  Anyway, dressed in our new outfits and made up hair and faces we were ushered a bit like cattle from room to room…line to line.  We were asked to fill out questions regarding today’s show and that’s where all the anticipation climaxed: who was the guest of today’s show and what was the topic?  Okay, so I wasn’t expecting Brad Pitt and Angelina…nor was I hopeful enough to think it was the favorite things episode, but an unknown author of a book I probably would never read 🙁  Bummer.  I need to be grateful for just getting the chance to go.  It was a great excuse to buy a new outfit.  We went to the Oprah store after the show and I bought a wrap blouse in melon.  It belonged to Oprah, but she sells her clothes after wearing them on the show and 100% of the profit goes to her angel foundation.  So that’s cool.  We had lunch at Ralph Lauren…yum!!!  We also paid a quick visit to American Girl and Garretts.  Chicago is always such a nice little trip.   Anyway, I would defienetly go back because all in all it was a good experience.  I did get to shake Oprah’s hand and I was asked if I had a question for her.  I didn’t…untill 5 minutes later when I thought of a thousand things to ask!!!! to late…

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