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25 Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I have played competitive soccer my whole life.

2) I traveled to Argentina two summers ago for soccer, and played against the Argentine National Women’s soccer team.

3) My favorite food is tiramisu.

4) If I could live anywhere in America, I would live in North Carolina.

5) My favorite vacation that I took with my family was to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

6) I am basically religious about wearing my retainer every night.

7) I have never tried calamari and don’t plan on it.

8) I have younger brother named Jack, who is 14. We surprisingly get along really well.

9) I like to bake desserts.

10) My favorite classes are in the field of art, which includes ceramics, drawing, and painting.

11) A hobby of mine is shopping, but I don’t have any time for a job. I’m basically broke.

12) I don’t wear glasses or contacts.

13) I can’t read in the car because it makes me nauseous.

14) I have an obsession with getting bright, colorful soccer cleats.

15) My friends say that I am the most sarcastic person they have ever met.

16) If I had to pick one clothing store to buy my entire wardrobe from, it would be Anthropologie.

17) I want to be a pharmacist when I grow up.

18) I have a husky named Miya. I think huskies are the cutest dogs.

19) I hope to travel abroad to Spain during college.

20) I’m going on a mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica this summer for 10 days.

21) Spiders are my biggest phobia.

22) I will hopefully play soccer in college.

23) My favorite drink to order at Starbucks is a hazelnut frappuccino.

24) I love roller coasters and exhilarating rides. They do not phase me at all.

25) If I could be any celebrity, I would be Blake Lively.

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