Milwaukee Senior Photography: A Beautiful Poem from Serena D!

Posted on April 4, 2014 by admin

We love learning about our clients – everyone has something special to add to our Shoot the Moon family. Recently, we spoke with one of our Class of 2015 Senior models, Serena, and learned about her passion for writing. We can’t wait to see how she inspires others through her writing after graduation!

Serena was gracious enough to provide us with a poem – Enjoy!

What defines true beauty?
Perhaps it is being physically striking,
With alluring features and a look that’s inviting.
Maybe it’s that hint of a smile,
Or a sparkle in their eyes,
That gives you a glimpse of the person that’s inside.
Maybe countenance isn’t even a factor at all,
Maybe it is merely a useless shell,
Designed to lure in or instantly repel.
Why are you so beautiful?
So effortlessly divine,
As the greatness of your soul and body intertwine.
Everything about you is different and complex,
You see all the good you see all the perks,
Lighting the world like fireworks.
Your imperfections blend,
Into a kaleidoscope of traits,
And when you step back nothing is out of place.
Where is your beauty?
Locked away inside your soul,
Or expressed genuinely without any sense of control.
You should learn to capture beauty,
In a flash or at a glance,
Everyone deserves a chance.
Because when you truly witness,
The splendor of a human soul,
You know why beauty is something to behold.

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