Milwaukee Senior Photography: 25 Fun Facts About Abbie B!

Posted on March 25, 2014 by admin

Meet Abbie B., one of our Class of 2015 Models:

1. I am a student at Homestead High School.
2. I have a brother, Jackson, who is a middle schooler.
3. I have a dog. She is a beagle and her name is Gracie.
4. I have been competitive cheerleading for ten years.
5. I have been the same height since fifth grade.
6. My family owns stock in the Green Bay Packers.
7. I am considering pre-law, business or psychology as majors.
8. Family is really important to me.
9. I am going to Spain for Spring Break.
10. My favorite colors are baby blue and mint.
11. I watch The Bachelor because I think it is comical.
12. My favorite movie is Bridesmaids and Mean Girls.
13. I like to sleep a lot.
14. I like to Snapchat more than text.
15. My favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars.
16. My top choice for college is University of Wisconsin-Madison.
17. Sometimes I am very indecisive.
18. I think that British accents are really cool.
19. I hate scary movies.
20. I don’t like cats.
21. My dad’s family is from the East Coast.
22. I want to live in a big city after college.
23. I love roller coasters.
24. I get along with mostly everyone.
25. My favorite fast food restaurant is Panda Express.

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