Little Q's visit to Shoot the Moon: Mequon Family Photography

Posted on May 5, 2016 by angela

At Shoot the Moon, our staff has been lucky enough to watch this little cutie grow up. As Joy’s niece, Quinn is always a welcomed face at our Mequon studio and we love seeing which adorable outfit she’s going to wear next. We can’t believe this little blue-eyed beauty will already be turning 3 this month, but it’s super exciting because she’ll also be becoming a big sister!

Take a look at a few shots from Quinn’s 3 year-old session and some fun maternity shots with mom and dad!

quinn3yoFAVE001 quinn3yoFAVE002 quinn3yoFAVE003 quinn3yoFAVE008 quinn3yoFAVE009 quinn3yoFAVE010 quinn3yoFAVE011bw quinn3yoFAVE012bw quinn3yoFAVE013bw quinn3yoFAVE015bw quinn3yoFAVE016bw quinn3yoFAVE017bw


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