Cream Puffs are coming!

Posted on July 15, 2008 by joy

Shoot the Moon has been working with Metroparent Magazine for over 2 years now to photograph their covers each month. This morning I had the honor of photographing the coolest kid (Isaiah) for the “State Fair” issue of Metroparent Magazine. No picture previews! you will have to wait for our very bovine cover!

The coolest part of today was two fold. 1. Isaiah had never had a cream puff before and I caught it on film! and 2. Marie (the amazing creative director!) brought in a lot of cream puffs (right from the State Fair bakery!). They are not available YET but certain media outlets get a little sneak peek of the cream puffs. I’m enjoying one RIGHT NOW!

How do you eat YOUR cream puffs? I personally take them apart into two halves and ration the whipped cream over the two halves. Isaiah chose to dive into it like a hamburger!

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