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Posted on June 11, 2008 by joy

I love to read. I am at Borders on a weekly basis. That being said, I have a few problems.
1. What to do with my stacks of already-read books.
2. My growing receipts for purchasing these books.

I found a great service that allows you to swap books (it started for paperbacks, but you can do hardcovers and even audio books) for FREE.

I was surprised at how simple it was!

1. I opened up a free account.
2. I entered in my books that I had. You do this by just typing in the ISBN number on the back of the book. The system knows what book it is, how much it weighs etc… I entered in 40 books and it took about 30 minutes. When you enter books you get 2 ‘book credits’ allowing you to request books from others.
3. Within 24 hours I had 4 book requests! You get an email from the club saying someone wants a book. If you still have the book available you click on “Yes, I can mail it”. Then it takes you to print a mailing label on your printer. I chose at this point to deposit with my paypal account (you could use credit card too) $20 into my account so I could just print postage right on the label. The system knows how much the book weighs so it prints it for you. If you don’t deposit money, it will tell you how much postage to put on it in stamps.
4. You print the label and use it to wrap the book. I had one larger book that I just used 2 sheets of paper to wrap.
5. I selected “Book is mailed” in the club main page and walked them to the post office.
6. I was instantly given credit to shop for books from others.

You can put books you want to read on your wishlist if they arent available, or just do a search for new books and hit “order book” and they are sent to you! (the sender pays postage) I even ordered some chapter books for my first grade (oops! i mean SECOND GRADE) boy so its not just for adults!

For those of you with older children, this could be a good project for them! Either way my bookshelf is starting to clear out a bit!

Here is the link to use to sign up for your own FREE account.

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