25 Things You Might Not Know About Me-Class of 2017 Senior Model, Mikala

Posted on February 17, 2016 by angela

Getting to know our Class of 2017 Senior Models is half the fun of preparing for the next senior season. It also helps us get a feel for each individual’s sense of style, allowing us to better prepare for your senior portraits.

Check out some fun facts about Class of 2017 model, Mikala, who came to our Mequon studio for her first shoot!

  1. I run varsity track and cross country
  2. I am a lifeguard
  3. I went to Mexico twice before I was one years old
  4. For this reason my first word was “agua,” which means water in Spanish
  5. I love to travel
  6. I was in Puerto Rico earlier this year & am going to Nicaragua this summer
  7. I love to hike
  8. I know how to solemn ski and wakeboard
  9. I enjoy science
  10. I have never gone to the doctor for a broken bone
  11. I am a dog person
  12. I love photography
  13. I have two sisters
  14. I do gymnastics for fun
  15. My favorite time to listen to music is driving in the car
  16. My favorite song right now is “Seeing Stars” by BORNS
  17. I don’t eat meat
  18. I am 5’4”
  19. My hair was white when I was younger
  20. I have never been seriously injured
  21. My favorite colors are tiffany blue, lilac purple, and white
  22. I love sour gummy worms and dark chocolate
  23. My favorite holiday is Halloween
  24. I have an obnoxious laugh
  25. I have never ever seen a Star Wars movie
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