25 Things You Might Not Know About Me-Class of 2016 Model, Colette

Posted on April 22, 2015 by angela

Check out 25 things you might not know about Shoot the Moon’s Class of 2016 senior model, Colette!

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Class of 2016 Model-Colette

  1. Unfortunately, I will never reach the 5ft mark. Forever stuck at 4’11’’.
  2. I have danced since I was three years old.
  3. I have taken nearly all styles of dance ranging from Irish dance to hip-hop.
  4. I help teach two dance classes throughout the week.
  5. I didn’t have any cousins until three years ago. I now have two adorable cousins that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
  6. I am the oldest of three girls. I have a great relationship with my two sisters — Chloe and Cayden.
  7. I fully plan to get my Masters in Accounting.
  8. I hope to get my CPA in four years.
  9. Even though next year I will only be a senior, I am also taking a few classes at UW Waukesha.
  10. During college I would love the chance to get to study abroad.
  11. I love to travel.
  12. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would choose to go to either Greece or  Australia
  13. While I love Accounting, my true dream job would be to become an event planner.
  14. This is because since I was very young, I made packing lists for everything and I even plan my both my sisters’ birthday parties every year.
  15. Universal Studios in Orlando is my favorite amusement park.
  16. I have a weakness for french fries, cheesecake, and anything with chocolate.
  17. I watch dance moms, married at first sight, the middle, and the goldbergs religiously.
  18. I cannot wait for Summerfest to go see Ed Sheeran, Timeflies, and my hip hop teacher who is headlining one of the nights.
  19. I am always at the salon getting my nails done.
  20. I love going to the movies.
  21. My favorite store is H&M.
  22. When I am older, I would love to be able to live in either North or South Carolina.
  23. Next year, my dance team is going to London and Paris!
  24. Scarfs are my main accessory. From October to March you will always find me with a scarf.
  25. I LOVE to do makeup! For school dances I do my own makeup and even help my friends with theirs.
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