25 Things You Might Not Know About Class of 2014 Senior Model, Chelsey!

Posted on March 29, 2013 by angela

Chelsey is one of Shoot the Moon Photography’s Class of 2014 senior models. She was recently photographed at our Mequon photography studio and will be coming back in a couple months for another awesome senior portrait session. Meet Chelsey!
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25 Things You Might Not Know About Chelsey
1. I am left-handed.
2. I usually consume at least two Vitamin Water Zeros to get through the day. (Orange and Lemonade!)
3. I absolutely love the western USA and would love to live in the Rocky Mountains or the arid Southwest!
4. I have owned multiple pet mice during my lifetime; my mom, sisters, and I would buy them from pet stores to save them from a doomed fate as snake food.
5. I used to be so passionate about “American Idol” contestant David Archuleta and his music that I went to six of his concerts and met him five times in under two years!
6. I now, however, prefer the quite provocative rap music of Eminem. (Marshall Mathers)
7. In the fourth grade, my brother and I were home-schooled for part of the year by my parents while we lived on a houseboat in The Bahamas.
8. I keep an unwritten “collection” of every unincorporated town I drive through. I’ve always wanted to live in a tiny, obscure town.
9. I am a certified babysitter, snowmobiler driver, and boat and personal water craft operator.
10. I have known all the works of eBay, both buying and selling, since I was a little kid. The process of resale and buying items with history fascinates me to this day.
11. When I was young, I decided that my ideal future would include having two jobs: one at Half-Price Books and the other as a mailwoman.
12. I used to be pen pals with a bunch of my friends from elementary school. Since then, the value of letter writing has kept a prominent place in my heart, and I now participate in many letter-writing charity programs.
13. I have played the flute since fifth grade and absolutely love it. Being in the marching band has been one of the highlights of my high school experience!
14. No matter how illegitimate I know they may be, I absolutely love to read my horoscope. I’m a Libra.
15. If I could directly thank any entrepreneur for their contribution to society, it would definitely be the creator of the electric blanket!
16. Laura Ingalls Wilder and the pioneers are my inspirations for my fashion, lifestyle choices, and future state(s) of residence.
17. I live on a largely organic, raw, and vegan diet. Whole Foods is my second home!
18. I have been featured in fashion articles with both Seventeen and Teen Vogue magazines.
19. I am a major insomniac, and though I go to bed very early, I can rarely sleep later than 6:00 AM.
20. I have a 1998 Volvo S70 that I named Sandra because she looked like a Sandra, though I absolutely do not like that name and never did.
21. I am a competitive show water skier and perform with the Badgerland Water Ski Show Team in Waukesha. What I do is what the Tommy Bartlett skiers do, though on a less-professional scale, of course!
22. The swivel ski that I use for some of my show skiing acts is named Melrose, because she is my princess.
23. I also like to wake board! It’s awesome to be able to call myself a ‘boarder!
24. I perform with two traditional German folk dancing ensembles; one that is Pomeranian and the other that is Donauschwaben.
25. From buying recyclable toothbrushes to unplugging every cord in my house, I live to promote environmental sustainability and hope to dedicate my career and future to preserving and reversing previous damage to the environment.
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