25 Things You Might Not Know About Class of 2014 Senior Model, Amanda!

Posted on March 30, 2013 by angela

Amanda is another one of Shoot the Moon’s Class of 2014 senior models. A natural in front of the camera, Amanda is easy to work with and one of the sweetest girls I’ve met. We had a blast shooting some great images at our Mequon location and I can’t wait to work with her for her extended portrait session. Meet Amanda!
mequon senior pictures
25 Things You Might Not Know About Amanda!
1. I HATE candy (excluding chocolate)
2. I have eleven birds (nine parakeets and two cockatiels)
3. I am a make-up fanatic- Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, YSL
4. My favorite color is purple
5. I have participated in First Stage Children’s Theater shows like BIG The Musical, U:BUG:ME, and Diary of a Spider, a Worm, and a Fly
6. I took ballet when I was little
7. 99% of my jewelry is pearls
8. The sterling silver bracelet that I wear every day is from 1977 when my dad bought it in Washington DC for my grandma
9. My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a leopard that I creatively named ‘Leopard Kitty’
10. My favorite type of ice cream is Praline Pecan
11. My favorite number is 24
12. I don’t like PLL the TV series; I LOVE the books
13. I love Castle, The Following, Bones, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, New Girl and Scandal
14. My mother is my main role model; I love her to death!!
15. I love spring anything: clothes, weather, birds, etc.
16. I want to pursue fashion merchandising!!
17. I am allergic to cedar chip shavings aka pet bedding
18. I love volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters!!
19. I have some interesting nicknames: Manda, Mandrin, Amandy, and Bambi
20. My favorite movie is The Family Stone, it makes me cry every time!!
21. I am weirdly obsessed with Moroccan Oil…
22. Two favorite places to shop are Nordstrom and J.Crew
23. Octopus tentacles gross me out!!
24. I am a Harry Potter geek- I grew up reading the series with my mom.
25. Anne Hathaway is my favorite actress and role model.
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