25 things you don't know about Alexis!

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Melissa

We love getting to know our Class of 2012 Seniors! Thank you Alexis for sharing ’25 things you might not know about me!’

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1. I love science, and have won awards at the International Science Fair two years in a row
2. When I grow up I want to work in physics or aerospace engineering
3. I am on my high school’s varsity dance team, but have been taking dance for 15 years
4. My favorite place in the world to travel is Israel
5. I can speak French, Spanish, and Hebrew
6. I absolutely love Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars
7. I think Harry Potter (books and movies), Star Wars, and Star Trek and the greatest things to ever happen to the world
8. The first thing I want to do when I turn 18 is buy something from an infomercial (because you have to be “18 or older”) and play Bingo at Potawatomi
9. I love to sing, dance, act, and play the oboe and piano
10. I love wearing dresses, if I could, I’d wear one every day
11. My favorite color is pink
12. I’m a terrible cook, but it’s something I’m working on
13. My two favorite male actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp
14. My two favorite female actors are Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt
15. I love Chinese food, noodles, and strawberries (though not together)
16. I volunteer with Friendship Circle helping out kids with special needs
17. I like to cross-stitch, crochet, knit, and scrapbook
18. My favorite T.V. shows are Glee and That 70’s Show, and almost anything on History Channel
19. My dream car would be a Prius
20. When I was younger, I asked my mom how to become famous because “no one knows me yet”
21. I always sing in the car to whatever song comes on… even if I don’t know all the words
22. My favorite way to relax is to listen to a book on tape (yup I still have a cassette player) and color in coloring books
23. I really love roller coasters!
24. I don’t like having long periods of time without anything to do, I like keeping busy
25. Some of my friends are my biggest role models

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