25 Things...By Alicia-Class of 2014 Senior Model

Posted on April 11, 2013 by angela

When Class of 2014 senior model, Alicia came in for her first shoot at our Mequon photography studio, I knew she was going to be great to work with. Great to talk to and absolutely gorgeous, I’m jealous of Alicia’s incredible smile and fun sense of style. While it was a bit cold to go outdoors this time around, Alicia and I made use of her fun, spring outfits for some great in-studio photos. Check out an image from Alicia’s shoot, and take a look at her fun twist on Shoot the Moon Photography’s “25 Things You Might Not Know About Me.”
25 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
  1. ride a tandem bike on the beach with my soul mate
  2. write a song
  3. run a marathon
  4. leave a $1000 dollar tip for a waiter or waitress
  5. write a children’s book
  6. solve a rubiks cube
  7. be a Disney princess for a day
  8. ride an elephant
  9. make a wedding cake
  10. travel with TOMS for their One for One campaign
  11. live in Fiji for a month
  12. win a radio contest
  13. walk the Great Wall of China
  14. get married in Disney World
  15. go to an olympic event
  16. visit the Eiffel Tower
  17. hold a baby panda
  18. speak french fluently
  19. see broadway in NYC
  20. design a wedding dress
  21. build my dream log cabin up north
  22. go to all 50 states
  23. sleepover on the beach
  24. go to space
  25. let go of a flying lantern
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